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Lifelong Learner



“Kimberly possesses a drive matched by few in her field. She is a lifelong learner, in that she's constantly looking for information, strategies, or workshops that will improve her ability to help teachers deliver the curriculum in a precise, cohesive and consistent manner.”


Jason Strickland

Principal, John F. Kennedy Junior High School

Hanford, California



Collaborative and Detailed



"Amazing, supportive, organized, passionate, diplomatic, knowledgeable, concerned, culturally-aware and the list continues when describing Kim Salter! From the first day I met her, she was willing and able to share her expertise. I was new in my role as the Student Achievement Coach and Kim's consulting expertise was exactly what I needed. We worked together and I learned a tremendous amount of skills from her feedback and modeling. She's a plethora of resources all on her own. In addition, she knows how to find resources, utilize them and teach others to do the same. She pays close attention to detail and collaborates with the expectation of accomplishing the set goal."


Rhonda Todd

Assistant Director, Outreach Programs Ross School of Business

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Consummate Professional



"You will not find someone more qualified with an educator's heart to work with than Kimberly Salter. She cares about students, families, communities, educators and quality teaching and learning outcomes. Regardless of the size of your education program or organization, Kimberly is the expert you need to achieve the results you desire. She is the consummate professional and will help your program meet and exceed your goals and planning."

James Henderson
Vice President 
Operations, Outreach & Strategic Partnerships
Metro Detroit Charter Center 

Analytical and Communicative



“Kim Salter is a consummate educational professional whose skills surpass all expectations. She is especially gifted in working with teachers and administrators to improve instruction, using data and pedagogical skill building, in a manner that achieves superior results. Her analytic process and attention to details, coupled with her clear, compassionate communication style make her an extremely effective educational consultant. She is someone who follows through and will not stop until the goals are met.”


Rajeshri Gandhi Bhatia

Lead Thinker

School Smarts, LLC


Helping You Reach Your Goals!

​“This testimonial may bring spontaneous fist bumps. That's because Kim Salter brings her A-game to the educational playing field. As she provided consultations at our school, she worked with new, as well as seasoned teachers in developing and implementing classroom management techniques that work with all students. Also, her in-class, real-time demonstrations provided quality opportunities for teachers to purposefully use data to inform next steps in the learning cycle. Capably, she managed to help teachers and staff to look at proven educational practices and strategies to close gaps and increase overall student achievement. It was a win-win for all." 


Sylvia Green

Principal and Director of Operations

Detroit, Michigan   

Responsive and Attuned



"Kim has been part of the Charter School Essentials team since 2014 and continues to provide outstanding service to our school clients in the areas of data support and instructional coaching.  She is thoughtful about the work, responsive in her support, and attuned to her clients’ spoken and implied needs.  Our schools love having her as a part of our team."


Cynthia S. Millinger, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO 

Charter School Essentials

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